Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Purpose is in the Eye of the Beholder

The other day my family was in the car on a trip that lasted about an hour. I noticed that my oldest son was being exceptionally quiet... something that normally makes a mother nervous. When I looked back to see what he was doing in the back of our minivan, I was not prepared for what I saw.

He was having a wonderful time, entertaining himself with two full pads of yellow post it notes. He had made paper airplanes, origami trees, houses, and even a paper video camera! He was having a wonderful time, even though there were post it notes stuck all over his car seat and the window next to him. I realized as I watched him and his creativity at work, that the just like with art's beauty being in the eye of the beholder... purpose for an object is also in the eye of the beholder.

To me the two pads of post it notes were to make notes on, mark my calendar with, and other various office tasks; however, to my son they were nothing more than a fun craft supply.

Often as a professional organizer, my job is to be a new pair of eyes for an individual, family, or business and give them a new perspective. Many of my clients are trying to get organized on a budget and the more creative we can be by reusing objects around their home the more we can stretch that budget for them.

We have used tin cans to store pencils, shoe boxes to divide drawers, egg cartons to organize jewelry... the point is that many people would look at those items and see trash... in my eyes I behold invaluable organization purpose.

Don't be afraid that your budget will prevent you from finally achieving your goals of getting organized... I pride myself on stretching budgets as far as we can be being as creative as possible. I may not be able to make an origami village out of post it notes, like my son... but I can organize a house on a super tight budget and help you get organized at last.

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