Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Five: Five Places in your home that you can use an Over the Door Shoe Organizer.

I am a huge fan of over the door shoe organizers! They range in cost from $10-$20 and they are a cheap way to organize a LARGE variety of small objects around your home and office.

When implementing any of these ideas, I suggest that you use a clear plastic shoe organizer as opposed to a canvas or solid colored one. The reason for this with the clear pockets you can see exactly what is inside of each pocket and you can avoid having to label each pocket.
Room one is the Home Office. There are some great ways to use an over the door shoe organizer in your office:
Store and separate USB cords, chargers, remote controls and other misc. cables that are often lying around or clogging up a desk drawer.
Store small office supplies in each pocket like; hole punch, stapler, pens, pencils, stamps, scissors, extra post it’s, etc…
If you work from home in a business that requires you to have small samples on hand you could store them easily in here.

Room Two is the Bathroom. I love using an over the door shoe organizer in the bathroom when you are tight on cabinet space, especially when you are required to share a bathroom.
Hang the organizer on the back of the door and then you can store hair brushes, combs, hair spray bottles, misc. cosmetic products, and other items you often use in the bathroom to keep them within easy reach.

Room Three is the Craft Room. Think of all the small items that are laying around in your craft area that can be stored in a shoe organizer.
Markers, Scissors, stamps, stamp pads, beads, knitting needles, glue sticks, hot glue gun, ribbon, punches, rulers, eyelets, and so much more.

Room Four is the Pantry. A shoe organizer can be the perfect solution to helping you organize your pantry. Hanging the organizer on the back of your pantry door is a great place for you to store seasoning packets, seasoning bottles, cool aide packets, food coloring, cake sprinkles, and much more.
Room Five is a kid’s room. I have found this to be an excellent way to help kids get more organized.
I hang it on the back of their door or the front of a closet door and teach them to keep small items in the shoe organizer. Small toys like cars and trucks are great in a boy’s room.
In a girls room jewelry is great to be stored in these as well as hair bows, barrettes and other small accessories.

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