Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Setting up an Organized Homeschool Classroom

Families that make the choice to home school their children learn quickly that for it to be a successful experience for them and their children... they must be organized!

As homeschooling parents know, there are a wide variety of curriculum's, activities, theories, and schedules that you can follow. However, the staples of what you need to organize the varies books, manipulative, activities, and lesson plans are pretty standard.

Not every family has the luxury of having a room in their home that can be dedicated solely as a classroom space. If you do not have a dedicated room... being organized for you is all the more important to keep your school supplies from overtaking your home.

Here is a simple checklist that we use as a STARTING point with our home school clients when space planning and organizing a homeschooling space to ensure that families are organized and set up for a positive home school experience.

An Organized Home school Room Needs:
· A quality set of table and chairs in the right size for your children.
· A pencil Sharpener
· A school box for each child with their own supplies.
· A dry erase board
· Dry Erase Markers
· Calendar
· Clock
· Number line
· Abc Line or Chart
· Kitchen Timer
· Construction paper storage trays
· Bulletin Board or Cork Tiles
· One plastic box or tray per student to lay out daily assignments
· US Map
· World Map
· File Folder Games
· Storage system for file folder games
· Centers and manipulatives
· Storage for Centers and manipulatives
· Lesson plan book
· Teacher file organizers
· Puzzle rack
· Wooden puzzles for younger children
· Books
· Bookshelf
· Method to store books for curriculum by topic
· Art and Craft Supplies and Storage
· Magazine Racks
· Various sizes of Ziploc bags

Budget can always be a concern when setting up a organized homeschooling area but keep in mind that creative purchasing and sales shopping can really help you save on the cost without having to skimp on the essentials of an organized space!


Your Organizing Guru said...

Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoy your comments via the NAPO list-serve. @juliebavi

Margarita Ibbott said...

I love this list! I think even for those parents that don't home school setting up an area where your kids can do their homework and focus is a great idea.