Thursday, June 11, 2009

Taming the Clothes Monster!

Clothes, Clothes, more Clothes!!!! Does anyone else share this feeling when you look around your home? We have clothes hanging in our closets, sitting in our drawers, clogging up our laundry rooms, and probably strewn across floors and beds somewhere in your house... Clothes sometimes feel like they overtake our life and our Homes!

Did you know that the average American wears only 20 percent of their clothes 80 percent of the time!

Yet we as a society are obsessed with the need to keep countless pieces of clothing that don't fit us, we've never worn, or went out of style ten years ago. I myself am a major clothes horse... I love them. I love shopping for them, I love wearing them, and I love creating cute outfits out of them.

I have implemented an in and out rule for my closet... "for every new piece that I bring into my clothes collection one must leave and be replaced." This ensures that I maintain the level that I have in my closet space and eliminates the temptation to stuff my closet so full of jeans, shoes, and tops that I can't find any of the ones that I am looking for.

Here are five ways that you can pare down your clothes collection and finally begin to tame the Clothes Monster that lurkes in most of our closets:

  1. Sell old clothes that do not fit yourself at a yard sale or on eBay.
  2. Have someone else sell your old clothes for you... consign them and get money or store credit for new items.
  3. Donate them to charities to help others who could use them more than you.
  4. Gift them to someone that you know is a similar size as you are.
  5. Recycle them in different ways. Used in craft projects, as dust rags, etc...

Happy clothes clearing!!!! If you need help with a project like this or another organizational project in your home contact us

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