Monday, June 8, 2009

Age appropriate Chores for kids

I have had a lot of clients ask me lately if I had lists of chores that are age appropriate for children to do around the house. I have been working on such a list and wanted to post it here to share with all of you.

I love the idea of having kids help with housework! I think that it is a great way to help teach them responsibility and it also helps them learn to begin to manage time by sharing the housework. It is a great first step in being organized!
2-4 year olds
  • help dust
  • put napkins on table
  • help put away toys
  • put laundry in hamper
  • help feed pet
  • Start picking up toys and clothes

4-7 year olds

  • set the table or help set the table
  • put away toys/things
  • help feed pets
  • water plants
  • help set table
  • help make bed
  • dust
  • put laundry in hamper
  • help put dishes in dishwasher
  • water the garden
  • help wipe up messes
  • help with yard work (rake with child's rake or plant flowers, etc.)
  • help clear table
  • Picking up room and toys with direction
  • Wipe of the table
  • Wash windows

8-10 year olds

  • make bed
  • water plants
  • clean room with minimal direction
  • set table
  • dust
  • vacuum
  • feed pets (depends on type of pet and how your comfortable your child is interacting with the pet)
  • help make dinner
  • put laundry in hamper
  • help wash the car
  • help wash dishes
  • help load/empty dishwasher
  • rake leaves

11 year olds and older

  • take garbage out
  • set table
  • clean room without direction
  • vacuum
  • mow lawn
  • feed pets
  • water plants
  • put laundry in hamper
  • help with laundry and eventually start doing own laundry
  • help make dinner/make small meals on own
  • help wash dishes
  • clean room
  • make bed
  • help with yard work

One great way that we use this list in our home is to make chore cards. I take index cards and write several of these chores on them and then when it is chore time my kids can draw a card and perform the task. They are also great to use when kids are in trouble or fighting to have them draw an extra chore card... it is working great at our house!

Our company also offers custom chore charts for kids based upon thier age and interest! For more information about our custom chore charts or our organizing services for parents and kids visit

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