Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Friday Five: What to do with old magazines.

1. Recycle them at your local recycling center. Simply keep a box in your garage area to collect already read magazines and when the box Is full haul it to your recycling center. You will want a smaller box… because a large box of magazines will take up space in your garage and be very heavy to move.

2. Donate them to local doctor’s offices or other local areas that have waiting rooms for patients to use when they are waiting. Simply take a black marker and block out the name and address on the cover so no one can get your information.

3. Donate them to your local schools, day cares, or churches so that they can use them for craft projects with kids. They love to cut out pictures that go along with letters or colors that they may be studying that week and old magazines are perfect for this project.

4. You could send them in care packages to soldiers overseas who do not have access to new publications like current magazines and they enjoy the new reading material and connection to things they are familiar with.

5. Pass them along. Consider starting a Magazine swap with your friends, where each of you subscribes to different magazines and then you swap them with each other when you have read yours. This will allow you to read all the articles you want while sharing the cost of subscriptions and reducing the number of magazines that you end up accumulating.

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Michelle said...

Great list!

I was surprised to see recently that Half Price Books is buying used magazines. At least the stores here in SA. Just another option out there!