Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Organize Your Spring Cleaning Projects

Spring is finally here to stay in my area of the country, in southwest Missouri the weather can change quickly and we have been teased with warm temperatures followed by snow for almost a month now.

However, the flowers are in bloom, trees are turning green again... and I am working on my spring project list. Spring is the perfect time to get some home improvement projects started and learning to do them in a more organized way will help you save time and frustration and allow you to enjoy more spring days with friends and family.

Get yourself a spiral bound notebook to help you keep all of your spring projects in the same place. Dedicate a page to each project and detail the time needed to complete, the materials needed, and other important details.

When you find that you have extra time on your hands, you can quickly flip through your project book and pick a project that fits the time that you have. A quick glance at your project page will tell you what tools and materials to gather so you can complete your project. This will keep you from having to stop and start your project over and over to run and get tools... which will make the project take much longer than needed.

Once the project is completed you can tear the page out of the book... enjoy seeing your house improve and your notebook shrink as your spring projects get done in this organized fashion.

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