Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

If you are like most of us, today has got you thinking "Green". Today is Earth Day and it is a day to help each of us be more aware of our carbon footprint and the effect that our living has on the environment.

As a professional Organizer I encourage people daily to live more "Greenly" by reducing the amount of clutter that they are trying to maintain. Many Americans have storage sheds and storage units packed full of things that we can't seem to live without. Imagine the amount of steel, concrete and pollution that it required to build a building just to house all of our overflowing clutter.

For the most part we normally don't remember what is in our storage shed so when we go to visit it is like a treasure hunt remembering all the stuff we are storing but still not having any practical use for them. Imagine the amount of money you could be saving each month if you were not paying to store clutter that you rarely use.... you could use that money to purchase energy efficient light bulbs, plant a tree, or save toward new energy star appliances.

Plus imagine the amount of gas you will save when you are no longer driving across town to visit your stuff that you have no use for...

Encouraging people to finally break free of the clutter that consumes them is one of the first steps to a greener lifestyle; because once you realize what you can live happily without you are able to start to see other changes that you can make in your life as well.

I encourage you to spend a little while on this Earth Day 2009 and think about how finally reducing your clutter can improve both your lifestyle and your impact on the planet.

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