Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy National Organize Your Home Office Day!!!

Hello organizing faithful... today is National Organize your Home Office Day, a great day to tackle one of the most challenging places in most people's homes!
It's amazing how much stuff can accumulate in a short amount of time on our desks!
Bills, Papers, Proposals, Magazines and books we've wanted to read, papers from kids schools that need to be signed, A check that you meant to cash last week, a birthday card that you should have sent two weeks ago, the phone number to that new spa you've been wanting to try but couldn't find the number to, the contract that you were supposed to mail out, a gift certificate to a restaurant that someone gave you for your anniversary, and who knows what else...
Our home office tends to be the place to drop all of our VIPs (very Important Papers) However, if we do not keep the area organized it turns into the great black hole where papers go in and never come out (at least not on time anyways.)
So today, I encourage you to Celebrate National Organize your Home office day by taking a few moments to declutter your desk area... don't think of it as cleaning think of it as a treasure hunt... there is no telling what lost treasures you may find lurking under that stack of papers.
As always if you need help with this process and learning to maintain it contact
Christie with Simple*Organized*Sanity at
or visit or website at for a complete list of services.
Happy Hunting and have a blessed day!

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