Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Wonder of the Garage Sale

It never ceases to amaze me... I hold an annual garage sale EVERY year to get rid of TONS of outgrown clothes, unwanted decor, and already read books... plus other odds and ends that we accumulate each year. What amazes me is that I can have one each and every year... because we KEEP accumulating so much stuff! As I wade through the piles of items to be priced and placed out on tables in my garage I often wonder... "who is going to want all of this JUNK!"

When the garage door goes up at a quarter to eight am... there are people WAITING in their cars to come and lay claim to my JUNK. They scavenge over it as though they are rare and valuable treasures... however, sadly most of their purchases will end up in the same place... their garage sale next summer!

We as a society are so in love with the "thrill of the deal" that we often don't stop to ask ourselves:
  • "Is this purchase something I will use again?"
  • "Is this purchase meeting a need in my life or my home?"
  • "Is this a purchase I was looking to buy already?"

No most of the time we just see the price tag of a quarter... and decide at that price... we will FIND a use or place for it.

Garage sales can be a huge pit for clutter collectors... so I encourage you... buyer beware! Make sure you have a need for it or a purpose for it; otherwise, you may as well leave the price tag on it to save yourself the trouble of having to reprice it next year for your sale!


Claire said...

So true!
I prefer to donate our old stuff to the Charity Store, as I don't have time to hold Garage Sales. I have got some brilliabnt stuff at Garage sales over the years, but as you say I have also got some junk that I have had to get rid of a year or two later!
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Claire McFee
Ortganize Your Life

Organize Your Life said...

Sorry - wrong Garage Sale article link! Here's the correct one!

Claire McFee
Organize Your Life