Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Reading Challenge

In the mind of many kids...summer time is for fun and relaxing... not for reading!  The problem with taking the summer off from picking up a book is that statistically kids that do not read in the summer lose reading skills that have to be brushed up on when returning to school again in the fall.   

When it comes to organizing your schedule for this summer- be sure to plan some daily time to sit down and read with your children or at least have them spend some quiet time reading on their own.  When you plan this time into your daily routine it makes it much more likely that your children will not be part of the statistics that have teachers all over America having nightmares.  

So to encourage you just a little more to make time for reading this summer, we have teamed up with the MommyPerks Website to offer our:

Here is how it works:  
  1. Go to our website and download the Summer Challenge Reading Log. 
  2. Then between today (June 14th and July14th keep track of how many sheets your child fills up!
  3. Between July 15-16th you can email and enter your child with the following information:  Name, Age, Number of Sheets Read, Mailing Address, 
  4. We will be awarding some VERY fun prizes from Ted E Bears Toy Factory for our top three readers this summer!

Are you ready to sign up and participate?  Comment below and let us know that you are participating and then head to our website to download your log and start encouraging your kids to read today!


Susieqtpies said...

Fun! My girls always have certain books that they pick to read for the summer months. I'm going to enter Emily! Thanks

Simple Organized Sanity said...

Great! Glad to have Emily! :)