Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something had to give...

We all have those times in our lives when it feels like the weight of the world is resting squarely on our shoulders and our shoulders alone... this last few weeks have been that way for me.  Hence the unexpected and abrupt end to our normally regular SOS Blog posts.  I apologize for our absence... but something had to give and for me the last few weeks that was the blog.

One of the biggest keys to being organized is setting routines and limits for yourself and obeying them... it is an essential key of time management.  With my son's surgery, the end of school, some great new projects going on in our company, and some family obligations... I set myself some limits in order for all of the pieces to stay in place in my household.

Another key to being organized is that when circumstances change... so does your schedule.  My life is now calmer... therefore allowing me to return to blogging.

I am all about practicing what I preach... so take a lesson from me and my family- when you are overwhelmed, find what needs to give and be willing to compromise for a short while.  It will save you a great deal of stress and allow you to focus on what is most important at that time.

So without further ado (starting tomorrow)... "we now return you to your regular scheduled postings... "

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jadaemail said...

Glad to hear things have settled down a bit. You've been missed, but its perfectly understandable! You're right, sometimes something has to give in order to ensure our loved ones and ourselves are able to receive the best we have to offer.

I'll be back tomorrow. I'm excited to hear about the changes in your company :D