Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Mom's Night Out.

Today is National Moms Night Out!!!
I wanted to share with you some reasons that every moms should take advantage of this night and head out to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends!

Moms work an average of 90 hours a week juggling work, carpooling, housework, child care, errands, cooking, bills, and much more!!!

Moms average about 6.4 hours of sleep a night 

Moms often say that they skip workouts,  lunch, and other important activities in order to accomplish more and spend more time with family.

According to :  Did you know that if a Stay at Home Mom was paid an annual salary it should equal $134,121 a year!!!
This combines the salary of the ten most common tasks that a mom completes in a normal day:
Computer Operator
Laundry Machine Operator
Facilities Manager
Van driver

If you are a working mom... Add an additional $85,876 to what you make at your "other" job!!!

Because of all of these reasons we believe two things:

1.  Moms You Deserve Tonight Off!!!  So Go out to Eat and enjoy the day!

2.  After Today take time to visit our website at and let us help you save precious time, money, and energy by helping you get more organized!

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