Monday, May 3, 2010

Five Easy Scrapbook Organization Ideas

Saturday, May 1st was National Srapbooking Day so I wanted to share with you five easy tips to organize your scrapbooking hobby on a budget!

Tip One:  A dish drainer is the perfect way to store 12X 12 papers so you can see it and easily flip to find the perfect sheet for the page you are working on.

Tip Two:   An inexpensive accordion file can help you organize your scrap paper by color or patter. This will help you use every last inch of paper to create great layouts.

Tip Three:  A rotating spice rack makes the perfect storage system for small embellishments, eyelets, buttons, and beads. Clear jars make it easy to see what you need quickly and easily.

Tip Four:  Colorful flower pots or oversized mugs are a great way to organize pens, markers, and scissors of various sizes and functions

Tip Five:  Use large mailing envelopes to collect page elements for a future layout: pictures, paper, stickers, and journaling details for each upcoming page. When you are in the mood to scrap all you will have to do is pull out the envelope (page) you want to work on.

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