Friday, April 30, 2010

Guest Post: You might be unorganized if...

Since I am by all obvious reasons, A very Organized Person... I sometimes forget what it feels like to be unorganized.  I recently had the oppertunity to work with Laurie as she reviewed our Virtual Organizing Services and her witty comments on what might make you disorganized just had to be shared!  I asked her to write today's post because I am sure that many of you can relate, so without further ado...

You Might Be Unorganized If....

Organization, now there's a funny word. As a matter of fact, I pretty much laugh anytime I hear it spoken. I haven't been "organized" since well, I can't even think back that far.

I recently looked around my house and decided to put down in writing a few of the ways to know if you might be disorganized. Here are the things to look for.:

  • If your couch seats four and you can only seat one from all the clutter, you might be disorganized.

  • If you are pulling newborn size clothes out of your six year old's closet, you might be disorganized.

  • If your silverware drawer is beginning to fear being taken over by your junk drawers, you might be disorganized.

  • If your kitchen counter-tops are longing to see the light of day, you might be disorganized.

  • If you filed something in your "To Do" folder in 1999 and you just completed it in 2010, you might be disorganized.

  • If you have your garage door open and your neighbor says, "Hey, I didn't realize you were moving?", you might be disorganized.

  • If the piles of paper on your desk look more like reams of paper, you might be disorganized.

  • If your kitchen cabinets need to be marked with yellow caution tape, you might be disorganized.

And my personal favorite...

  • If your child dumps all his toys out of his toybin and says, "Look mommy, now my room looks like your office," you might be disorganized.

If you read any of these and thought, " Oh my goodness, that is definitely me," then call for back-up! It is never to late to start to organize your life. I know for me, it reduces my stress levels so much to accomplish even the smallest of tasks when it comes to organization.

There will be a Twitter party on May 5th from 8:30-9:30pm EST. #GetOrganized. If you would like to learn tips and ideas on getting organized, this is the place to be! RSVP today by going to:

I recently had the opportunity to work with Christie Love of Simple Organized Sanity. We did a Virtual Organizing Session on organizing my home office. If you are at the Twitter party, you will be the first to see my AFTER pictures of the NEW and IMPROVED home office. Hope to see you there!

Laurie is a 38 year old mom of two small children that keep her feeling like life may never be organized again. Though there is nowhere in her life she would rather be than where she is at right now.  She says, "My children have shown me that even when my life isn't perfect, it's perfect for me."  Please take a moment to Visit  Laurie's Blog Guessing All The Way.


Clueless_Mama said...

Thanks for allowing me to guest post today. It was a lot of fun to work with you! Have a great weekend. See you at the party!

TPRP Test Blog said...

What an excellent post - I'll have to tweet it out!

Julie said...

Unfortunately, I can relate all too well to about half of those! I'm working on it though thanks to your help.