Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Use your Hangers to help you Purge your Closet

As Al Roker would say, "Here in My Neck of the Woods" the weather is finally warming up and staying warm.  I am planning to spend the upcoming weekend changing the closets in my house from Winter to Spring clothing.

I always encourage clients to purge clothing out as they do this task. If something no longer fits properly, is no longer in style, or you simply know you will not wear it again this season... PURGE it out of your closet and make room for clothes that you will wear.

Here is a little trick to use after your purging to make sure that you are only keeping the clothes that you are going to be wearing...

The Hanger Trick
When you hang your spring clothes up- make sure that all of your hangers face the same direction.  As you wear an item and re-hang it in your closet--flip the hanger around the opposite direction.  Within a few weeks it will be obvious what items you are wearing most of the time.  This also gives you a great perspective to go through and do a second purging of items whose hangers are still facing the right way.

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