Monday, April 5, 2010

Gut Check

Okay here is a question that I encourage you to spend some time thinking about in the next few days... How do you feel when you walk into your home?

Do you feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful? Is your home your sanctuary or your "happy place"?

If not... have you stopped to consider why not?
If you walk into your home or a room in your home and you are immediately bombarded with the sight of clutter it can have a SEVERE impact on how you feel about your home. It can also lead to stress, health issues, marriage issues, and other problems.

I have seen people that spend large amounts of time and money just to avoid having to come home and face the clutter that lurks behind the front door... if you can relate to this feeling then I challenge you this week to make a different choice this week.

Choose to spend the time and money ON your home... conquering the clutter so that you can once again enjoy your home as the peaceful place it should be instead of running from it. The time for change is now... remember the longest journey begins with a single step... make that step be one that takes you through the door instead of away from it.


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