Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A peek into my home

One of the statements I most hear when speaking to groups or working with clients is... "Your home must be so organized and amazing."

I decided to give you a little peek into my home and some of the things that we have done to be organized.  We moved into our home a little over a year ago so we are slowly getting things just the way that I would like them to be with custom storage units... but the list of to do projects is still longer than the completed list.

I wanted to show you three of my favorite projects to keep our home organized. 

So without further ado... here is my first favorite area in my home.  It is the closet in my entryway where my kids used to dump coats, backpacks, and shoes until we created this custom built unit. 

  • Each of the kids has a cubby for their backpacks and personal items. 

  • The rack down low allows them to hang up their own coats each day.

  • The 3 plastic tubs on the shelf hold their gloves, hats, scarves, etc... and they are labeled by name.

  • Our coats hang on the door.

  • The shelf above the cubbies is where my husband can put the contents of his pockets each day, his tool belt, his hats, etc...

My next favorite area in my home are the custom built bookshelves at the end of one of our hallways.  My husband and resident handyman did these right after we moved in.  I like to break the shelves up by stacking books different directions and mixing them with pictures to avoid overstuffing the bookshelves.  

This is a closet that I cleared out to make room for storing craft supplies, kids homework boxes, and school paper storage.  The crates on the shelf are where I store all of the kids papers that I want to save each year from school filed away by grade.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek into my home... I will share more with you in upcoming weeks and posts. 

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