Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day by Reducing Junk Mail

Tomorrow is Earth Day and if you are looking for a way to celebrate the day and make a positive impact on our planet, allow me to suggest an easy task for you to complete.

Many aspects of getting organized can help you be more environmentaly friendly but this one is something that you can complete today and make a big difference for the earth and your home.

The task is to Stop your Junk Mail!

Did you Know??? 
  • • 62 Billion pieces of junk mail are created and sent out each year.

    • Each year more than 100 million trees are destroyed to create all of the junk mail that clutters countertops all across the world.

    • 44% of all junk mail goes into the landfills of the world without ever being opened or read.

    • To transport and deliver junk mail each year costs an average of $550 million and sends massive amounts of auto emissions into the atmosphere.

    • The average American spends more than 70 hours a year... just dealing with the 41 pounds of Junk Mail they recieve each year on average!!!

    • To produce the amount of junk mail in this world requires the use of more than 28 billion gallons of water annually.

    You can use a free site like Direct Mail to remove yourself off of thousands of lists that clutter your mailbox or a membership site like that will reduce your junk mail while donating part of your membership to charity.  Another great site with tips on decreasing your junk mail is The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
I challenge you to pick an option today and take the steps to reduce your junk mail and your impact on the enviornment so you can celebrate tomorrow knowing you have made a difference!

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