Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We are Up and Running!!!

I am very excited to announce that after a two month break to refocus and reformat our company we are relaunching today! I believe we are a stronger company for our efforts and have products and services that allow us to extend our reach to not only SW Missouri-- but beyond!

I want to share with you some of the personal reasons that brought Simple Organized Sanity to this transformation, so please indulge me for a moment. My oldest son has some learning issues and as he gets older and school work naturally gets harder, so does my job as a mom to keep him where he needs to be in school. He has had some additional challenges in the last few months that have led me to prayerfully seek God's plan for this company. I love being a business owner and a professional organizer, I love helping clients conquer their clutter and improve their lives... but the fact remains I am and always will be a mom first.

Reformatting our company in this manner is now allowing me to have the best of both worlds! (Not to sound like my daughter's beloved Hannah Montana). I am able to be here for my son and my other children as needed and still help clients learn to conquer the disorganized chaos in their lives. I am still able to work with our beloved SW Missouri clients, speak to groups, and do classes... but we are also able to now do so much more!

If you have not visited our website in a while... you will notice MANY changes! You will see on the left hand side of our site is a list of the product categories that we now can help you with. Check them each out! We have down loadable documents that can help you organized and manage your information, We have have organizational coaching sessions, time management coaching sessions, virtual organizing services, assessments for direct sales consultants, and more things added weekly! So head over now to www.simpleorganizedsanity.com to see the changes for yourself.

We have completed the first step in our business makeover, the next two will be unveiled in upcoming weeks and months so stay tuned to our blog for up to date details!

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