Monday, January 11, 2010


First and foremost let me tell you all, "We are still here"... despite our obvious lack of website presence at the moment we are still here to help with your organizational needs in Southwest Missouri and beyond!!!
I have a love hate relationship with technology and right now we are not on good footing with one another. This fall, after much prayer and thought, I decided to alter the direction that Simple Organized Sanity was going in. Instead of ONLY offering hands on organizational services to families and small businesses in SW MO... I felt like we had the opportunity to do something a little larger. I made the choice to begin to offer personalized planners, organizing products, and virtual organization services so that I could help people from all areas conquer their clutter and find their sanity again.
This however, was a much easier choice to make than it was to enact... In mid-December when things were seemingly quiet I thought I could simply switch our web hosting company to give us the capability to sell our products on the best platform... however, that change has proved much more complex than I ever could have dreamed! We have been "down" for 17 days and counting... no email... no website...
I hope that you can be patient with our technical transition and I assure you that I am doing everything in my (LIMITED) power to speed this process up a bit... until that time, If you have an organizational need please call us at 417-733-2089. I will update our blog regularly to share any updates as well as more information about the new products and services that we will soon be offering!
As always, blessings for an organized day!

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AshliO said...

Wow! I think I am in love with your blog. Just discovering it all.