Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Post: A love note for an organized life.

Dear My Crazy Life,

You try hard to shake me up and throw me off my game each day by sending things I can't always plan for. In fact in the last year you have thrown me such curve balls as: unexpected website issues, sick children, car problems, broken heater in the house during cold winter days, and even a minor flood in the house. Yes, I will give you credit, you have tried hard to make 2010 a disorganized mess... but you have not succeed.

You see, you may not be able to plan for everything-- but being organized means that I am able to respond to changes quickly because I am skilled at juggling and shuffling things within my systems. I have learned in years of experience that being organized does not just mean that I am organized on the "good" days in my life. No, being organized allows be to not only handle your curve balls that you throw at me... but feel confident in my ability to handle them.

I want to tell you why I love organization this Valentine's Day:

I love that if I plan my meals ahead and use my crock pot on busy days that even when I get busy or distracted... I can still serve my family dinner on time.

I love that if I use my planner on a daily basis... you lose much of your power of sneaking up on me, because I plan ahead, allowing time for your curve balls.

I love that I have learned to build in time for my family, my business, and my goals each day so that I can easily stick an unexpected task into the right time slots.

I love my tickler file!!! It allows me to manage all of the paperwork that comes into my household and office through business and backpacks!

Life, You have tried hard in the last couple of months to throw me off my game and frustrate me. But I am have come out of these chaotic months more dedicated to the passion I have for establishing an organized household! I have seen first hand in these months, that having an working organizing system can make me love and enjoy my life and my family more... even when you throw your best at me.

I love my life (chaos and all) and I love that I love my job because it allows me to share tips, secrets, and systems with other families so they can find the same Simple Organized Sanity that I have!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

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