Monday, February 15, 2010

Moms Don't get a sick day

There are no schedules, time cards, uniforms, or paychecks... but it is not understatement when I say that when moms wake up every morning, they are immediately "on duty".

Rare are the days when I am awaken by an aptly set alarm clock versus a child's bad dream, a husband's request to know where his belt is, or a son's early morning request to watch his favorite video.

On the mornings when you open your eyes to a spinning bedroom, pounding head, or aching stomach... do you pick up the phone and call in sick that day? Nope, not moms. We stand up, take the medication that we always dispense as the official nursemaid of the household- and we do our "best" to have a "normal" day.

Today is one such morning at my house. My family was invaded by an unwanted cold germ several weeks ago and to my chagrin- I had been the only one to avoid it's dreaded stuffiness, sneezes, and restlessness. That is until I tried to get going this morning.

Even as I sit here and type this, my head pounds.... and what all of this fever induced rambling is trying to get to is this very important point: Sick Mom Days Demand Organization!
I have been able to tell my children to get clothing, backpacks, folders, lunchboxes, etc... to help my fuzzy head and slow moving body and not surprisingly to me they have been able to retrieve each item without a single cry for help. Why is this possible? Because at our house we have a place for everything... instead of just allowing the kids to strew belongings all over the house haphazardly- WE put them where the go.

On this "sick day" it meant that I was still able to get my kids out the door and to school on time... even though I was moving at a much slower speed... now I just want to know... "Why can't they do this without prompting on a regular day?"

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