Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Check list for an organized Garage Sale

Before the Sale

1. Advertise! No point in organizing if you are not going to have people there.
Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, and other online sites and chat rooms
Fliers on college campuses
Signs up around your neighborhood with arrows to direct people there.

(tip: Keep all signs the same color so people can “follow” your signs.)

2. Price everything as you sort to save you having to do it later.
3. Sort things by category:
Home D├ęcor
4. Get Change at the bank

5. Check the Weather forcast for the days of your sale to be sure it will cooperate.

The day of the Sale (Day One)

1. Pull items out around 7:30-8:00 am to take full advantage of early morning traffic. Set items out by category and spread out as much as possible so shoppers can see what you have without having to dig through it all.
Try to hang clothing up
Try using tarps or tables to spread items out on.
Have an extension cord around so that if people want to check electronics they can.

2. Put larger items at the end of the driveway and smaller items closer the garage and check out table.
3. Offer Bags or Boxes to people who purchase several things to help them carry it out.
4. Encourage people to let others know about your sale.

The Last day of the sale

1. Plan to make deals on day two… the goal today is to get rid of as much as possible.
2. Have a “bag sale” Fill a bag for $1…
3. As the sale winds up box up items that you want to donate and either load it up or arrange for a pick up first thing Monday morning.
4. Relax and enjoy the fact that you cleared out a lot of clutter with this sale!

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