Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Motiviation: Mom's need a routine

Motherhood is a demanding job that demands you be organized and on top of your home, your children, yourself, and so many other small tasks that can easily fall through the cracks if not well organized. Did you know that the average mom works at least 90 hours a week and only averages 6.4 hours of sleep a night... talk about over worked and under rested.

In those 90 hours moms are juggling numerous jobs like; running errands, preparing meals, taking care of children, driving carpool, doing laundry, keeping a clean house... not to mention other jobs and responsibilities that they have as well!

A daily routine is one way to help moms stay on tops of all of these jobs each day. Here is an example of a daily routine that we have put together for a client:

Each Morning:
· Start the laundry load of the day
· Make breakfast and clean up
· Help the kids to chore time while I clean the room of the day

Each afternoon:
· Put Laundry into the dryer
· Make Lunch and Clean up
· Do a quick 10 min. clean up with kids to pick up morning toys.
· Have quite time so I can have a few min. to regroup.

Each evening:
· Fold Laundry
· Make Dinner and Clean up
· Have kids do a 15 min. clean up to pick up toys
· Bedtime routine
· Layout clothes for the next day
· Pack bags for the next day
· Make tomorrow’s to do list.

Keep in mind this is an example that works for one mom... but each mom and family are different from one another. Take into consideration your daily tasks and available times when putting your schedule together.

I specialize in helping mom's create a schedule that works for them and their family, so if you need help creating yours please feel free to visit our website at for more information.

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