Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five: Five great Purse Organizers

Everyone has a weakness in life... mine is purses. I love them and I am constantly in search of the "Perfect Purse." What is the perfect purse to me? I am always looking for a purse that is ORGANIZED (obviously) with a place for everything, a great looking bag that is cute and durable.

I found a bag that just may be the "perfect purse" and I want to share it with you and if it is out of your budget there are some more budget friendly options for organizing your purse in today's Friday Five:

1. The Butler Bag. I am so impressed with this purse and the various compartments that it has to keep you organized while still looking great! This purse is making waves in both the fashion world and the organizing world. It is the best of both worlds for sure and is raking in rave reviews because of it! Check it out for yourself at If the $150 plus price tag of this bag is a little steep for your budget... check out our other options

2. Avon is offering a butler bag right now that is budget friendly option at $19.99 with any $15 purchase or if purchased separately $39.99. Product # is 369-761. (Limited time offering) Contact your local Avon Representative for more information on this great and inexpensive bag.

3. Kmart is also jumping on the Butler Bag trend with their own line of Butler essentials. Again, a more budget friendly purse while still getting the same great organizing compartments inside. There are numerous styles and sizes available so check them out at

4. Have a purse that you love now... but you just wish the inside was more organized???? Try the Pursekeet!!! It is a removable piece that has numerous pockets so that your can organize the inside of ANY bag. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes too! This is a great product that you should check out at

5. Have no budget to fix up your existing purse and make it more organized???? I suggest that you compartmentalize everything. Use clear plastic containers that you may have at home, pencil zipper pouches are great for keeping pens and small items organized and together, small cosmetic cases can keep personal items together... give everything a home and avoid just throwing things into the bottom of your purse... that rule alone can help any purse be a more organized one.

I hope these five quick tips will help you in your quest of the "perfect organized purse" and remember that a purse is a place to keep the stuff we need daily... not everything including the kitchen sink... :)

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Denise Weber said...

I bought a Pursekeet, and was so disappointed! I went through the fitting steps she has posted on her site, i have a speedy 35 louis vuitton. it stated which to buy to fit it. when i got it was so tiny and didnt come near fitting. i wrote the customer service and she harshly stated "ALL SALES FINAL" I said what kind of company doesnt do returns?? She nver answered me. i would steer clear of these .. the fitting steps are really off and i wont ever buy from a company that wont take a return? when its clearly their fault? now im stuck with this stupid thing and its not even nice, and then i paid 16.00 for it. blah