Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Motivation: How are your floors?

I love this quote by Professional Organizer and Author Linda Koopersmith, "Floors are made for walking, not for stubbing toes and climbing over piles."

I think that often times we develop the ability to turn a blind eye to the clutter that surrounds us in our homes and offices. We learn to navigate the obstacle courses that used to be our living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and hallways, losing our memory of what it was like to walk around unobscured.

Our blind eye tricks us into also not realizing that the clutter we have come to accept in our lives in also impacting our lives. When was the last time that you searched through piles in search of something that you knew that you owned but could not find? How could you have better spent that time working or spending time with family or friends? The average American wastes about an hour a day looking for things... imagine what we could all do with an extra hour!

I encourage you today to try to refocus your blind eye and take a new fresh approach to the floors in your home... what do they reveal about your clutter situation. Do you walk over piles to get around? Do you search for clothes on the floor, unsure if they are clean or dirty? Do you use your floors as extra storage space?

If your fresh look at an old situation reveals that you need to get more organized I encourage you to visit, remember that you don't have to dig out from your clutter alone.

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