Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Five: Five tips to improve your Yard Sale Sales

I apologize that our Friday Five is being posted on Saturday Morning... I was out of town yesterday. Nonetheless, here we all find ourselves, the middle of August. Is it just me or is time really flying by this summer???

One thing that I am hearing from several clients right now is that they feel like they missed their chance to do a garage sale this summer... not so! The middle of August to the middle of September are some of the best times to do a garage sale. Why? You ask. Because, college kids are back in town and they are targeting garage sales to fill apartments and dorm rooms with used furniture, kitchen appliances, decor, and much more.

So if you still have items sitting around your home... a garage sale is a great way to clear a lot of clutter at once and this is a great time of the year to do it. Keep in mind though... your sale is only going to be as successful as your preparation so here are five quick things to do to ensure you make the most at your garage sale.

  1. Lots of Eye Catching Signs! Use Bright colored papers and make sure that you write short sentences in large, black marker. People driving by do not want to struggle to read your sign.
  2. Advertise!!!! Consider the newspaper, and free social media sites. For example: Post your sale on twitter, facebook, craigslist, Internet groups that you belong to. Great free ways to get the word out about your sale. You may also want to put up some fliers around local colleges with date of sale and directions.
  3. Offer water to your customers, sell lemonade, sell snacks... etc... garage sale days for many people is an all day affair. They will often appreciate and purchase snacks if available.
  4. Use pop up tents to offer shade to shoppers or try to locate in a shady area of the yard to keep shoppers comfy.
  5. Be flexible! Any sale is getting clutter out of your home and some money into your pocket. Be willing to let customers haggle with you on prices and be willing to come down.

I hope that these simple tips make your late summer garage sale as successful as possible!

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