Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Five: Five Creative Ways to store Sports Balls and Toy Balls

I have two boys ages seven and six... so as you can imagine we have a lot of sports equipment hanging around our house. Basketballs, Soccer Balls, Footballs, Kick balls, etc... and one thing is for sure, the round shape presents an unique organizational challenge!
Here are five products that you can use to store ball shaped items easily in your home or gym:
1. Use an inexpensive toy net in the area where the balls need to be stored. Then you can set the balls up into the net. These can be purchased at any retail or toy shop and will normally run about $10.00. If you have more than can be stored in a small toy net, you could also use an old parachute, tarp, or large net material.

2. Invest in a metal ball rack like you would see a basketball team use. These are great in garages and come in two different sizes; the smaller one will hold about 12 balls and costs about $100, the larger one will hold 16 balls and runs around $115.00. (My advice, spend the extra $15 and get the extra storage).
3. I love the Ball Claw!!!! It is a great product and a great use of wall space to store those hard to store balls. The Ball claw mounts onto the wall and will hold basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and even footballs and for only $10 a claw it is a great deal... visit to see this great product for yourself!

4. A ball storage locker can be another great options for keeping balls from rolling all over the garage or house. They are more expensive than other options but are well worth the cost if you have lots of sports equipment and balls cluttering up your home. Many of them are on wheels so that you can easily move the storage locker around. Be prepared to spend around $200 for this solution.

5. The ProStor X-Rack is another great option to store not only balls but other sports equipment in as well. The basket style design is defiantly kid friendly so that balls can just be tossed when they are done playing. There are hooks on the side for misc. items and a great shelf on the bottom for play shoes or spikes to be kept. Expect to spend around $100 for this item but from what I can tell... it is well worth it.
These are five great options for storing your sports equipment balls and helping you control where they end up in your home.

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