Friday, July 10, 2009

Five great uses for the Large Sized Ziplock Bags

I LOVE, LOVE the bigger sized Ziploc bags that are out on the market now!!! They have so many versatile uses and are great to keep on hand! Here are five of my favorite way to use the Large sized bags:

1. I keep an extra change of seasonally appropriate clothes for each of my children in one large bag in the back of our van. This is great when we have been at the park and the kids got a little dirty... if we don't have time to run home and change before our next errand or stop, I can have them change quickly in the van or in a bathroom. The bag then works great to keep all the dirty clothes in!

2. I love to use them to keep mittens, scarves, hats, together. I keep these bags in our coat closets hanging on a hanger (the Large size has a handle hole that makes it perfect to hang.) Then when winter comes, you do not have to search high and low for every one's cold weather essentials!

3. I use the Large Size Bags in my Linen closet to store clean pillow cases in. My son has a dust mite allergy so keeping his pillow cases extra clean is very important... storing clean pillow cases in the easy to grab bags in the closet ensures they are really clean when I put them on pillows and it prevents me from having to dig to the bottom of the piles to find a pillow case.

4. I use the Large Size Bags in my laundry room to store clothes pins in. Since the bag seals shut I can lay a full bag of clothes pins on the shelf and not worry about it spilling. When I need to hang laundry up I can quickly grab the bag and be good to go!

5. I create a to go bag that has emergency supplies in it to keep in the car. This sized Ziploc bag is perfect to keep a first aid kit, extra bottle of sunscreen, bug spray, ace bandage, ready to use ice bags, and other items that you may need on the go. Keeping them in a bag like this keeps all your supplies together so they do not roll around the car trunk and you can find them when you need them.

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