Sunday, June 21, 2009

Give Dad the gift of organization

Today is Father's Day, a day to honor fathers everywhere for working so hard to provide for their families. Do you ever notice that we typically honor our dad's with the most ridiculous of gifts? The most common ridiculous father's day gifts are normally:
  • Tacky Ties
  • Homemade gifts
  • Novelty gifts
  • Golf or Fishing equipment
  • Unwanted Cologne or similar products
  • Workout Equipment

Poor dad... he works so hard all year and then on the day that is set aside to honor him, he gets stuck with stuff that will most likely just clutter up a garage or closet for years to come.

This year a great alternative to these ridiculous gifts would be the gift of organization. Dads are normally so busy taking care of everyone else that they have limited time to enjoy hobbies and time for themselves. And on the rare occasion that they do take time for themselves... normally their workshops, sheds, and hobby areas are so cluttered that it takes most of their free time just clearing space for what they would like to do INSTEAD of actually DOING it!

This year consider helping dad organize his shop area or his "getaway" area so that when he does actually take time for himself this year... he can enjoy himself. He will be able to start a project and work on it instead of planning for it.

Simple*Organized*Sanity's Gift Certificates are a perfect Father's Day gift for just this reason... we can help you get dad's special area organized and that is a gift that he will thank you for and not just store on a shelf or in a closet. Visit our website today for more information

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