Monday, March 9, 2009

Organize for free... creativly reuse.

Spring Fever is in full swing in many households, which means that many people are starting their spring cleaning. According to a recent study 46% of people rank getting more organized as the top thing they want to accomplish with spring cleaning.

With that many people desiring to get more organized... why is it that so many have trouble following through on this lofty goal? I have found one of the biggest things standing in between people and thier organization dreams is the potential costs. Many people assume that to get organized means that you are going to have to invest in containers, boxes, racks, shelving systems, bags, labels, and much more.

While it is true that you may require some of these items for certain organizational tasks... you may be surprised to discover that you can also achieve a large amount of reorganization by simple creativly reusing items that you already own. Here are a few easy examples to consider using in your house to save money on your next organization project.

  • An old dresser could be repainted and used as storage for all kinds of various items.

  • Oversized bags could be hung in kids rooms to store toys and books.

  • Old suitcases can be stored under kids beds and used for toys, dress up clothes, and other items.

  • Old paint cans can be cleaned out and screwed to the wall from the bottom and used as round cubbies in laundry room, garage, mudrooms, craft rooms, etc... they are perfect to keep tools, paint brushes, markers, stain sticks, keys, etc... in.

  • An old towel rack can be rehung on the back of a door, then using S hooks you can let kids hang backpacks, coats, and gym bags on them.

So if cost is holding you back from finally tackeling that organization project that you have been putting off... try looking around your house for items that can be reused in a creative way to contain your clutter. If you need some help looking at old items in a new light and find uses for them around your home give me a call and I will be happy to help.

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