Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: An Easy Routine to Refresh your Living Room

Schools out and your kids are probably trailing germs, toys and other unnecessary clutter into your family room. To solve the summer living room blues, check out these easy steps. Living rooms seem to breed messes, so get into the mood and fluff up the sofa pillows, fold the blankets and you'll be half-way to a tidy space. Get your kids involved! Have each child remove their items from the room, so you can worry about the rest. Keep a few cleaning essentials in a basket, close at hand. Start by disinfecting the hard surfaces, dust those keepsakes, remove lint and pet hair from your furniture, spray some fabric/air freshener and Voila! You'll have a refreshed living room everyone can enjoy (even Mom and Dad)!

Images ©Christine Bonnivier Photography

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