Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creating a Study Alcove

I do not like to see space wasted.  If there is a section of "dead space" in my own... rest assured it's days are numbered.   

Over the winter we did an addition to our home which resulted in a odd sized alcove just off of our kitchen. 

 I could not stand that space having no purpose so I decided to design a custom build to fill that "dead space".  

Here is what we did... 

We started by building the wall brace for the desk.

Then we added the custom desk piece and anchored it to the wall braces for support.

Then we added a shelf above the desk for storage and primed and painted the wood.

Which left us with our finished project.  We have added two cubes on the top that are labeled with my son's first letter of their names.  These cubes hold their school supplies for easy access.  The dry erase board on the wall has lists of mom approved websites they are allowed to visit during their earned computer time.  There are trays on the desk (one for each student) that hold current spelling lists, homework to do, projects, etc... 

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