Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Knots tell a Story

Recently I treated myself to a VERY rare treat... I had a one hour massage and it was heavenly! I have been working hard to conquer my weight goals this year and this was my reward to myself for my first ten pounds that I had worked off the old fashioned way.

I often joke with my husband that God left something out when he made me... an off switch for my brain. I can be in the most relaxing of situations (case in point this amazing massage) and while my body may be relaxed... my brain is still flying at 100 MPH. I was laying there thinking about clients, and speaking appearances I needed to prep for- along with fifty other random thoughts. Until my mind settled on this thought I wanted to share with you...

As I lay there and this woman was trying to work out the numerous knots that I had amassed in my shoulders from working out on top of my "not so stressful" daily life it was a little painful. There were moments of genuine pain that made me question for a moment if this treat was really a treat at all or a torture session disguised with scented candles, soft music, and warm sheets. As I lay there biting my tongue in pain I could not help but think of how this experience for me is like the experience that so many of my clients have with their clutter. ( I know I can make an organizing analogy out of anything.)

So many people spend great lengths of time accumulating things and turning a blind eye to things that it becomes a glaring blind spot in their life. Just like the knots in my shoulders... I knew they were there but I had gotten used to living with them so on a daily basis it did not bother me too much. It was not until that woman began pressing on my blind spots that I noticed them and had to face them. With many people who struggle with chronic disorganization there comes a point where someone or something begins to apply pressure to that blind spot, making the person realize it is finally time to deal with the issue.

Facing clutter and making choices to change your habits is not easy, in some cases it can be painful. As I lay on that table in pain while my knots were being worked out it would have been easy to say stop or don't do it so hard... but then I would not have gotten to experience the most amazing, relaxing feeling I have had in a long time... the fact that when she was done I felt like a new woman. I felt lighter and my body (including my shoulders) felt like I could run for days!

Such is the reward of finally tackling your blind spots in your home and your life... it may be a painful process that hurts to go through - but the rewards are great and the feeling when you are done is amazing!!! It is well worth applying the pressure now to get rid of the knots in your life so you can experience knot free living at it's finest... a home and a life that you can relax and enjoy.

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