Monday, April 12, 2010

Gaining Perspective on the Couch

This weekend was not the weekend that I had planned to have. Friday morning I had noticed a small red circle on my leg as I was getting dressed, I did not really give it much thought. However, as the day went by I began to really not feel well. By mid-afternoon I was running a fever and my leg was throbbing... when I checked the small red circle had grown to the size of a golf ball. A spider bite was diagnosed at the doctor's office and bed rest was ordered for the weekend... something that I do not do well.
I have told you before that I don't have an off button... I have two speeds that I move through my life at: fast and faster. I am always on the move trying to get projects done and kids were they need to be so being forced to sit and rest was not appreciated.

Determined to be productive despite the doctor's orders I remembered the advice that I have given to countless clients that have struggled through illness and injury. Find the items on your to do list that you can still check off that do not require a great deal of energy or effort. I pulled out my personal to do tracker and my business to do tracker. and began reviewing the items that I could still accomplish without the ability to walk around.

In total during three days of "couch time" I was able to check off 15 items from my to do trackers. Most of these were simple projects that I simply had not taken the time to do earlier, a few were larger projects that required some focus and attention that I was able to give without many interruptions. One of the projects I was able to check off of my list was listing a new product called Special Needs to do tracker which breaks your to do list up between "Good Days" and "Not so Good Days". You can download this list for only 99 cents and save it to your computer and print copies off as you need them.

You cannot plan for everything... life is going to throw you curve balls. Yours may not be a spider bite and bed rest or a chronic illness, but it may be something that for a short time throws you off of your game. Part of being organized is being prepared and being flexible. Whichever to do tracker that you choose to use they are a great way to remain flexible no matter what and more importantly you will still be able to be productive.

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