Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finding an Accountability Partner In Organizing

Getting organized is a lot like losing weight- there are many similarities that can be drawn between the two. Both require you to change long held habits and routines and they both work better when you have an accountability partner to help you through the hardest parts of the process.

In losing weight those hard parts are when you don't want to get up early to work out in the cold or you really want a second piece of dessert or a late night snack.... trust me I know. I have been addressing my own personal weight issue and since January have gone down twenty pounds. I realized early that I needed a person to ask me how I am doing and ask me often, a person that I could call when I was feeling particularly tempted to dive into my kid's Easter baskets and pick out the Snickers. I also was able to tell that this person was not only crucial to my success but they had to be a neutral third party... it could not be my husband. No matter how good his intentions were it just did not mean the same thing when he said, "Are you sure you REALLY want to eat THAT?" or "Don't give up Babe... you will get back in those jeans eventually." My girlfriend could say the same thing to me and I would not be offended but when it came from my husband... I was mad.

The same principal is true with organizing... you need a person to ask you questions like:

• Did you sort through a box of stuff this week?

• Did you take a box of donations out of your house this week?

• Remember you are trying to not add more stuff until you take more stuff out... are you sure that is a wise purchase?

Much like my experience with my husband... this person needs to be a neutral third party. When a well meaning spouse or family member asks the same questions it often comes across as condescending and confrontational. A Professional Organizer is skilled at holding clients accountable on these type of issues so I encourage you to either find one in your area to work with or contact us through our website and sign up for a coaching session and accountability program.

No matter what direction you choose to go to find your accountability person to help you get more organized... having that person to hold your hand along the way will make your organization efforts more successful!

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Theresa Finnigin, Ready Aim Organize said...

Have a neutral person to help you stay positive during any trying time is important. Great analogy of getting organized to losing weight!