Thursday, March 18, 2010

SOS Reviews the Box4Blox

I was very excited when the developers of the Box4Blox allowed me the oppertunity to review their product for our blog.  As a mom with a son who is wild about his Lego (TM) Collection, I am always on the lookout for a new way to organize them so that they take up less room and are easier to play with.

The Box4Blox had been on my radar for sometime.  I knew that it had the potential of being that rare combination of space saver for me and easier access to his beloved blocks for my son.
The buzz surrounding this product has been as high as my expectations for it!  It has recieeved numerous rave reviews from users, a mention in Women's Day magazine as a favorite organizing tool, and was recently honored with the prestigious "Organizers Choice Award"  as a "Best New Home OrganizingProduct"
at a National Association of Professional Organizers event.

Needless to say, I was excited the day mine was dropped off by my favorite UPS driver!  Here is what my son's Lego (TM) collection looked like before we tried the Box4Blox:

We were storing his blocks in a plastic drawer system and had tried to keep them sorted out by size... that did not always happen and I was not happy with how much room these plastic drawers took up in his room.

Space Concern
My primary concern was that all of his blocks would not fit inside of the one Box4Blox unit, even though their website says that a unit can hold "approximately 1500 - 1700 Lego bricks."

I had never sat down and counted the size of my son's collection so I was a little nervous when I looked at the two systems side by side.

But the Box4Blox works in a very unique way that allows it to store so much in such a smaller space:

The graded openings in the bottom of each tray get smaller allowing the larger blocks to stay in the yellow tray while the small, hard to find pieces end up in the green tray at the bottom.

Putting it to the Test at my House

So I did as insturcted and removed the large base plates and larger blocks that would obviously end up in yellow contanior and set them aside so they did not block the other blocks from being sorted.

I stopped halfway through each of the plastic drawers that I was dumping the blocks out of and gently shook the stacked trays allowing the smaller blocks to filter down through the openings.

The entire process to switch from our old storage system to the Box4Blox took a little over five minutes!!!

This is what my son's collection looked like after just 5 quick moments!!!

I could not be happier with the results.  My inital concern of all of the blocks fitting in this product was quickly answered because there was room to spare in each tray!

So this is the transformation that this product allowed me to experience in my son's room... I am trading out the big, bulky plastic storage drawers and replacing it with this WONDERFUL product!

The only downside I see to this product is the lack of a handle to make it easier for kids to carry themselves; however, I understand the company's issue with how the addition of a handle would increase the cost of the product.

It is really not hard to pick the unit up with two hands from the bottom and carry it where it needs to go... but bear in mind smaller children may need help with this task.

I am happy to recommend this product to clients, readers, moms, and anyone else who is looking for a GREAT solution for Lego (TM) and other small blocks.

The True Test
I may be a professional organizer and mom but it was my son's reaction to his new organizing system that may hold more influence over your need to have one of these units in your home:
Click below to hear his thoughts on the Box4Blox.

Our Rating

 To order your own Box4Blox click here it is well worth the cost of the product ($29.95 + $10.00 Shipping and Handling) Plus the company has special deals if you are ordering more than one product at once.

We were not paid for our review of this product.  Box4Blox did furnish the unit featured in the review but there was no compensation received for this review- it is strictly my personal views of the product.

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Laura PARING DOWN said...

I just read about this YESTERDAY. My youngest son (almost 12) is a Lego Jedi Master :) He has a ton of Legos that take up a ton of space. So happy to see that they all fit!

P.S. LOVE his little review sound clip. Adorable!