Monday, March 22, 2010

Calories Burned While Organizing

This is clutter awareness week, a time to focus on clearing out the clutter in your home and life. 
Clutter can be found in many forms, professionals define it as “anything that takes up space in your home, office, or life without serving a purpose. “ It can be as severe as a basement full of outgrown clothing, old toys, unneeded papers, and outdated furniture or as simple as a stack of outdated magazines and unread junk mail.
We have talked about how organizing has many benefits in our home and life, and today I want to share with you an often overlooked benefit of getting organized... all the calories that you can burn! 

Here are 10 common calorie burning tasks that you may be doing when organizing:

Filing (Office Work) burns 151 calories an hour.
Packing and Unpacking Boxes burns 238 calories per hour.
Carrying boxes upstairs burns 510 calories per hour.
General Cleaning House burns 204 calories per hour
Taking out the trash and Dusting burns 170 calories per hour
Walking to put away household items and laundry burns 204 calories per hour.
Moving Furniture or Carrying boxes burns 408 calories per hour
Sweeping burns 272 calories per hour
Standing to sort a drawer out burns 136 calories per hour.
Doing Laundry burns 139 calories per hour.

Exact Calorie totals would be based upon your own height and weight. These numbers are based on an average 145 pound person.

To figure your exact calorie totals visit and sign up for a free account.

So if you were looking for yet another reason to get motivated to get organized I hope that knowing the calorie burning benefits may encourage you to start to tackle your clutter during this National Clutter Awareness week and get more organized and healthier at the same time! 

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