Thursday, February 18, 2010

Health Advantages of Getting Organized

I hear many reasons from clients telling me what motivates them to get organized. I hear how it will improve their life, their family, their homes... but not often do I hear them say because it will improve their health. However, there are numerous health advantages that you and your family can reap through organization!

Here are 10 Ways that Getting Organized can Help you Live a Healthier Lifestyle:

1. The act of decluttering and purging can be great exercise! You are working muscles and getting your heart rate going by moving boxes, sorting belongings and cleaning.

2. Once you clear out a room, you may unearth the treadmill and use it for it's intended purpose and not a clothes rack anymore. You could come across old workout videos in boxes and pop them into give them a try.

3. You may discover a pair of skinny jeans that suddenly make you see how "unhealthy" life has become. Realizations like this can be very motivating and eye opening for anyone.

4. As you learn to manage your time better you are able to make exercise a priority and give it a place in your schedule.

5. Organizing your menu planning and your kitchen can lead to healthier eating habits for you and the entire family!

6. If you can clear the clutter on your kitchen table and use it for eating instead of setting things on then your kids will benefit the most. Studies have shown that kids who eat at the table with their family tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, are more open to new foods, learn to respect portions better!

7. Getting more organized is going decrease your stress level. With more than 75% of all doctor visits in the United States being attributed to stress related injury or illness... it is safe to say that decreasing our stress would be good for us all.

8. The National Safety Council says the top reason for injury related health problems and death are due to falls. When you organize your home/office you are giving everything a place thus reducing the number of potential falling hazards in your home.

9. Clutter can make it hard to clean your home properly, which can allow allergens like dust, mold, dander, and other unwelcome guest to not only clutter your home... but your sinus cavities as well.

10. Once you have cleared the clutter you can establish a system to manage your personal health information and medications. Staying on top of our health is our responsibility and being organized about your health history as well as past and current medications can save you time, energy, money, and possibly your life.

So if you have been looking for yet another reason to conquer your clutter I just provided you another motivation that is hard to overlook... it can make you a healthier, better version of you!

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