Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gain Time and Money in the Laundry Room

I have two boys and a little girl, I knew from the get go that my boys were going to be messy because they are of course boys.  Boys seem to attract every mud puddle and grass stain known to mankind.  In fact, there have been times that I swear the stains must have leapt off of the ground and onto the pants, because they can get dirty just walking to the car!

No when my daughter came along... the last thing that I could have immagined was that she could possibly ever be messier than her brothers.  Oh, how she has proven me wrong!  My darling four year old daughter will sit down to dinner clean and walk away with milk, ketchup, and macaroni smeared all over her.  She gets toothpaste stains on the cuffs of her sleeves and she's been known to get wild and wacky with the crayons and have part of her masterpiece walk away with her on her jeans.  The girl is a walking laundry stain!

I wish this was the end of my laundry drama but alas my husband is in construction... so don't even get me started on the NASTY stuff that he wears home!

I share all of this with you because I know first hand how much time you can spend in the laundry room experimenting with different meathods to remove adhesive stains from your son's favorite batman shirt!  I also know how painful it can be to throw clothes out because the stain simply would not come out of your daughter's skirt and it was no longer presentable. 

This personal struggle with my stain prone family is what motivated me to create this week's Featured Product: Our Laundry Room Stain Guide!  I have spent years researching the best way to get rid of common stains that families get into and I have put them all together in this printable sheet.  I made the sheet one sided so that you can easily post it in your laundry room and refer to it so that you can get the stain out easier.
To download our laundry room stain guide Click Here.

In addition to posting our stain guide in your laundry room,  I would also encourage you to put together a "stain kit".  Once you have downloaded the stain guide and printed it out, assemble some of the products that are used to get many of these common stains out and keep them in a bucket or caddy in your laundry room for quick access.

These two suggestions are all about keeping your stain treatment as organized as possible to save you both; time by spending less time battling the stain and money by saving the clothing.

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