Friday, July 17, 2009

Five great uses for Old Shower Curtains

In this frugal time for many of us, part of being organized is also being resourceful! I teach clients that being organized can save them time AND MONEY! Being able to creatively reuse items in your home for another purpose will save you time and is part of being organized.

Our Friday five today is great uses for old plastic shower curtain liners, they do not have to be thrown out. They can have many great uses still in helping you around the house. First, wash your old shower curtains in the washing machine with detergent or bleach to get rid of any germs or mildew that are hanging around on it. Then once it is clean, try one of these five suggestions to give your shower curtain a new purpose:

1. Use it as a paint drop cloth when you are painting a small area.

2. Use it under the craft table when kids are working on a project to catch drops of glue, paint, glitter, and play dough from getting on your floor. When kids are finished with the project you can carefully pull the curtain out and carry it outside to shake it off.

3. Use it as a liner for your car's trunk when you are carrying things that could spill or make a mess.

4. Use it to cover outdoor items that you do not want getting wet, like the grill or an outdoor chair.

5. Use it as a drop cloth when you are working under your car. Simply lay it down and then lay on top of it, the plastic will catch oil spills and other drips before they have a chance to stain your driveway or garage floor.

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