Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Five: Organizing Your DVD collection

If you are anything like our house... you feel like you have DVD's coming out of your ears! With three kids and a husband who loves to watch movies over and over again I too feel your pain.

Here are five quick suggestions and products to help your curb your DVD disaster zone!

1. GET RID OF THE CASES! They take up so much extra room when storing DVDs!!!! Consider using a DVD Storage Notebook like this one:

Books like this can store 48 DVD and for VERY large collections you can have several books and label the spine by what type of movies are inside. For example; Children's Movies, Adventure Movies, Comedy Movies. I love these because they are beautiful & look nice.

2. If you cannot let go of your cases... DVD Towers are also nice to use if you have the floor space for them and small children pulling on the DVDs is not a concern for your house. You can find them in numerous sizes and styles to match various decor styles. I have seen shelves that can hold under 50 DVDs to ones that hold more than 500!

3. If small children or floor space is an issue in your home, AND you still can't get rid of your cases... you may want to consider a wall unit to store DVD up and out of reach. These too comes in all different sizes, styles, and price ranges.

4. Check out these Storage boxes to store your DVDS in. This product Holds 30 CDs in full jewel cases, 60 CDs in slim cases, and 165 CDs in CD sleeves. You can see it yourself by clicking this link This same company also has a pull out drawer version of this product that you can stack up on top of each other. Again, like the binder, you can separate your large collections out by genre to make it easier to find your desired drama.

5. My favorite Product! I love the Discgear Auto retrieval systems... you can get up to 100 DVDs in here and with a push of a button you can have your favorite flick dispensed to you quickly. Simple to use, take the time to create a reference list so you will know what number each movie is and you are set to go! This one I found at click here to see it yourself

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